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Commemorations and feast days are part of the Book of Common Prayer calendar throughout the year. On Monday, July 15th, we remember Swithun, Bishop of Winchester, c. 862. As with other saints for whom there are few reliable historical records, many interesting stories have grown up around Swithun. We do know that two kings of Wessex, an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in the south of England, trusted him as their counsellor. He is well-known in his home country, where his relics are found in several places, more than three dozen churches bear his name, and he is the patron saint of Winchester Cathedral.

On Saturday, July 20th, the calendar commemorates [Margaret, Virgin and Martyr, Antioch of Pisidia.]  The brackets tell us this is an ancient memorial “whose historical character is obscure.” It is possible that Margaret never in fact existed and the source of her legend remains a mystery. Yet such is the nature of the human mind and the power of faith that many medieval Christians believed she could answer their prayers. Thus she was “one of the most popular saints in Western Christendom in the later Middle Ages.”



Rev. Oliver Osmond

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George Hilchie

Barry Smith

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St. Mark’s, Broad Cove
Barry Smith

St. Michael’s, Petite Riviere
George Hilchie

St. Alban’s, Vogler’s Cove
David Porteous

St. Mary’s, Crousetown
Dennis House

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