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Commemorations and feast days are part of the Book of Common Prayer calendar throughout the year. On Saturday, June 22nd, we commemorate Alban, first recorded Martyr in Britain, c. 304. Although the exact date of Alban’s death is disputed, the general tradition about his death is rooted in history. He was a pagan soldier, part of a Roman legion stationed in the area north of what is now the city of London. He sheltered a fugitive priest from persecution and as he came to know him and was inspired by his beliefs, he accepted Christ as his Lord. When the priest was betrayed, Alban posed as his guest and gave himself up to the soldiers who came to arrest the fugitive. When the ruse was exposed before the military governor and Alban refused to offer pagan sacrifices, he was put to death by beheading. The great Abbey of St. Alban was later built on the site. In our parish, Vogler’s Cove is the site of the Anglican Church of St. Alban the Martyr.





Rev. Oliver Osmond

Parish Wardens:

George Hilchie

Barry Smith

Church Wardens:

St. Mark’s, Broad Cove
Barry Smith

St. Michael’s, Petite Riviere
George Hilchie

St. Alban’s, Vogler’s Cove
David Porteous

St. Mary’s, Crousetown
Dennis House

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